Boy collides into vehicle just days after losing home to fire

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Things have gotten worse for a family of seven who just six days ago lost their home to a fire.

The 10-year-old grandson of the woman who owned that home collided into a vehicle at 12:30 Saturday afternoon.

Anita Seymour confirmed to WLOX, her grandson is being transported to the Children's Hospital in New Orleans after seriously injuring his left ankle.

Seymour said she and her grandson went back to their fire damaged home on Randall Drive in Biloxi to clean it out.

Her grandson was headed to a neighbor's home on his bike when he collided into a vehicle, according to Biloxi police.

"The driver was going north on Randall at about five miles an hour. The boy collided with the vehicle in his bike after he came up from behind an SUV," Biloxi police Sgt. John Campbell told WLOX.

Campbell said the driver was not charged in the accident. Seymour said her grandson's left ankle is broken. She said he is in stable condition.

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