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Homicide victim's family, police call for violence to end

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The family of Darius Brent, 20, escaped Friday evening's thunderstorm under the pavilion at Jackson's Poindexter Park to remember the father, the son, and loved one.

"Who was murdered and stuffed under a house like he didn't matter, and we're trying to let everyone know that he did matter," added Brent's mother Allison King. 

They want his killer and the community to know violence can impact your family at any time. There were a number of themes for the evening; stop the violence, watch out for your neighbor, and help police. 

"They're not just hurting that person, that they are hurting their family as well. I wish the violence would stop among our young black men," said King. 

In less than a month three young black men between the ages of 16 and 20 have been killed in Jackson. A 15 year-old was shot and another teen was arrested for murder.

Jackson Assistant Police Chief Lee Vance says it's troubling to see so many young lives ruined by violence.

"It's been going on for a while, we've talked about it before. Statically most of our violent crime is committed by young black males and a lot of the victims are young black males," said Vance.

He says many of those arrested are repeat offenders and some begin in their teens.

"We identify these individuals and we arrest them. Our arrest and solvability rate, especially as it relates to shootings, is well around 75-80%," explained Vance. He says that rate is above the national average but he wants it to improve. 

Vance says there are neighborhood rivalries but little evidence of organized gangs in Jackson.

He believes most of the violence stems from drug trafficking.

"We find that a lot of these are message shootings. A lot of these are revenge shootings, where somebody has robbed somebody else," explained Vance. 

Regardless, Vance and Brent's family say the cycle has to end.

"Learn to love one another. It's lift up one another, you know, it's all the violence it's getting...it's been out of hand," said Brent's grandmother Barbara Jones.

"We as a community have to find ways to solve it, and the solutions go far beyond the walls of this police department. You got to look at families, churches, communities everybody's got to start to pitch in," said Vance.

No arrest has been made in Brent's homicide.

His family says it will cost $9,100 to burry Brent. He did not have life insurance. An account has been created at Bankplus for donations.

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