D'iberville Police call meeting after 30 cars broken into in one D'iberville neighborhood

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - A resident of the Palm Ridge Subdivision in D'Iberville noticed two suspicious men with backpacks, so she took to the neighborhood Facebook Page.

Jeff Ragusa, a resident of the community, created the FaceBook page. He says they usually use it to inform each other of simple things, like stray pets. But he's happy someone thought to get online when they saw something suspicious.

"Had they seen something and not reported it now they know, 'hey that might be important let me get in touch with somebody and tell them," said Ragusa.

Once that resident took to Facebook, people began to check their cars. Sure enough, almost 30 different cars had been broken into.

Unfortunately, D'iberville police say this was a crime of opportunity, because the majority of these vehicles were left unlocked.

Police Chief, Wayne Payne, says when they arrived to the scene many residents were honest about the fact that they had left their vehicles unlocked.

"Criminals go to a neighborhood. They get out of their cars, and hit these cars that are not locked. It's snatch, grab, and run," said Payne.

D'iberville police called a special meeting Friday night to warn residents about the importance of always keeping your car doors locked.

Gareth Davis has lived in the community almost three years. Though his car wasn't broken into, he still feels victimized because they are such a close community.

About 40 people showed up to the community meeting. D'iberville police were happy about the turnout and hope it was a friendly reminder to remain proactive in preventing crime.

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