WLOX Editorial: You should care every time a local property is taken off the tax rolls

There's a dispute between the city of Biloxi and the Harrison County tax assessor over the values being assigned many vacant and abandoned buildings. In particular, it's the empty buildings given a value of zero.That means no property taxes are paid or owed on those buildings.

The tax assessor says he is abiding by the law, but the city contends there may indeed be value and property taxes to be collected. Why should the rest of us care about this? We should care because every time a property is taken off the tax rolls, the local governments have to look to the rest of us property tax payers to balance their budgets.

We don't know who is right on the buildings being questioned, but we are glad the city wants it scrutinized. Let's make sure values are properly assigned. Let's be fair.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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