Page 13: Coastal crop at farmer's market

GULFPORT, MS - More and more people are shopping at farmer's markets around South Mississippi.

It was only natural that one of the coast's best known delicacies eventually turned up at the market.

Wednesday morning, the Gulfport Harbor Market is open for business. Fresh produce grown by local folks attracts people to the farmer's market at Jones Park.

The Stacey Leann is docked next to the market. Mike Sevel sells shrimp every Wednesday morning during shrimp season.

Like the fruits and vegetables in the pavilion, Mike's shrimp is fresh and as organic as it gets.

"We don't put any chemicals on our shrimp. They're hand picked and good and fresh; no additives at all. That's the way the farmer's market is, and that's how we keep our shrimp," said Sevel.

Sevel goes out the night before to maximize the freshness.

It's appropriate to have a shrimper at the farmer's market in coastal Mississippi because Mike Sevel is a farmer of the sea. He says he has a lot in common with these growers who work in the field.

"I'm farming the sea just like they're farming the land. We're farmers just like they are. We both deal with risks. They have good and bad crops just like I do" Sevel said as he loaded shrimp into a cooler.

Mike has been around the seafood industry for most of his life.

"I started going out with my dad when I was 5 years old. That was 55 years ago. Salt water is in my veins and I really do enjoy it," says Sevel.

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