Moss Point residents unite to fight against drugs and violence

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Hundreds of Folks in Moss Point united Tuesday night to send a message to criminals that drugs and violence will not be tolerated in their city. It's all part of the annual National Night Out Against Crime event.

The city's police chief also wants to strengthen even more police-community partnerships. Moss Point resident Sheila Bender Taylor was not ashamed to give her crime testimonial at the event. She told the large crowd she got hooked on drugs as a teen.

"Crack cocaine was my addiction. I was molested at the age of four to 11-years-old. I wanted something to take me out myself," Taylor said.

For 20 years, she fought that addiction until she found a church home and got help. Taylor told her community it's now time to stand up and help sweep illegal drugs and drug dealers off the streets.

"We need to become a drug free environment. I know we can't get all the drugs, but we can get most of them," Taylor said.

Moss Point Police Chief Keith Davis couldn't agree more.

"Drugs are the root of all crime. So yes, drugs are on our forefront," Davis said.

During the event different law enforcement agencies and organizations from across the coast united to also educated people of all ages on the harmful effects of drugs. They also shared with kids why it's important to stay out of trouble.

"I love that they are talking about non-violence and to keep drugs off the streets. When I was growing up, I got into a lot of trouble and I don't want kids to do that," one attendee said.

Helping police build relationships with citizens to keep communities safe was also a major focus.

"We want people to come out and participate in events like this. That is how you are going to tell those that want to do wrong that Moss Point is no longer standing for it. We are standing together and we are committed to make sure crime goes somewhere else and it is not committed her in Moss Point," Davis said.

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