Centennial Plaza is 'on track and on schedule'

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The marketing of Centennial Plaza remains "on track and on schedule." That word comes from the managing partner of Glastonbury Capital, the New York firm hired by the City of Gulfport to develop the old VA property.

Recent comments from Gulfport councilman R. Lee Flowers prompted WLOX News to take a closer look at the project. (Read the full story: http://bit.ly/WLOX9aq)

You may recall, he said the city was "very disappointed" with Glastonbury right now. But those who are marketing the project, have a much different view.

Remember the excitement when Gulfport hosted a lease signing ceremony at the property?

"And I want you to mark today as being a special day in our lives going forward," said then Mayor George Schloegel, during his remarks at the June 1, 2012 news conference.

That was 432 days ago. And in that year and two plus months, very little has been said about any progress at Centennial Plaza.

"What people don't realize, behind the scenes we've had architects here, we've had structural engineers here. One of our tenants that has specific needs, needs to have concrete columns moved out of these buildings. These are hundred year old buildings," said realtor Timothy Casano.

Though he can't get specific with names just yet, the realtor did provide details about what's "coming soon" to this historic campus.

"This is going to be a private, senior living facility for active adults," said Casano, pointing to the former administration building, "It will be efficiency and one bedroom apartments."

The mixed use development will include retail, restaurants and offices.

"Several office spaces here at Centennial Plaza. These would consist of stock broker firms, law offices. We have a dentist that is under reservation. Our restaurant building has reservations in it. And these are all special type businesses that understand the significance of being back on the beach front," he said.

Just a few days ago, Gulfport city councilman, R. Lee Flowers, told WLOX News the Gulfport Redevelopment Commission and Gulfport are very disappointed with Glastonbury right now.

But that's not at all what we heard from the chairwoman of the Gulfport Redevelopment Commission.

Carole Lynn Meadows, who is out of town, told WLOX News by phone that the GRC is quite pleased with the direction we're headed. She said, we're hopeful in the next 45 days there will be an exciting announcement about this project.

The realtor marketing the project is also upbeat.

"All of our developers that tour this particular piece of property are stunned by its beauty," said Casano. "They realize this is the jewel of the gulf coast."

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