Biloxi Islamic Center holds 10th annual food and clothing distribution

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi Islamic Center's 10th annual food and clothing distribution was a little slower than usual this year. Around 10:00 a.m. Sunday the majority of food and clothes were still there, but Sabree Rashid said he wasn't worried about the crowd picking up.

"People are coming and going. Right now it's kind of slow. They come in waves. You missed the first large wave, and we should have a couple more waves before noon," said Rashid.

Throughout the month of Ramadan the Muslim community does a variety of different charitable acts.

"Right now we have a Ramadan display at the public library; we also have our food and clothing distribution, which is our biggest one. We're also passing out different fruits within the community," said Rashid.

There was also a health aspect to the food and clothing drive, which was a blood pressure screening. Sakinah Qawiy says it's their way of making the community more aware of their health.

"We also have pamphlets about teenage pregnancy, smoking, diabetes, and other things like that so that you can get this material and take it home," said Qawiy.

Throughout the month of Ramadan, Muslims only eat before the sun rises and after the sun sets. They use all the money they save from not buying food to go out and purchase food for others who are in need.

Organizers say they will donate what is left to local charities.

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