The Shed spotlights South Mississippi in new reality show

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Move over Duck Dynasty, there's a new reality show featuring some crazy Southerners and the very successful business they've built. And best of all, this one is from right here in South Mississippi.

The Shed is the newest reality series on the Food Network, and it features the popular BBQ joint in Ocean Springs. A preview of the show aired Sunday night, but the official premier is Monday at 9pm.

If you've been to The Shed, you know it's not a fancy spot. But the finger licking barbecue and laid back atmosphere have people waiting in longs lines just to get in.

"We have several options to choose from and it's all so good," a Shed waitress said to a customer.

Now every week, food lovers and families across the country can get a taste of life at this very unique and popular restaurant.

"The Shed got a reality show! I have not seen it yet, so I am waiting for it to sink in," Shed Owner Brad Orrison said Sunday.

Six episodes have already been taped, and they should surely make you laugh.

"It is really about my family; Mr. Jim and Gus, the Shed pimps. And, really, they loved the community, they loved the people, they loved the customers. So, it is really about the feeling that you get when you come to South Mississippi," Orrison said.

The spotlight is nothing new to the Orrisons. They've won countless awards for their down home barbecue. The Shed has also made special appearances on talk shows, food programs, and cooking challenges.

"I think people love the feeling of nostalgia and that is what we represent. We have old stuff all over the place. I'm not talking about old like the Shed pimps, just old antiques hanging on the walls. People really feel like they are at home," Orrison said.

But the barbeque owner admits it was a challenge having cameras following you around 24/7.

"We got to go to a competition; we got to go take a smoker out on a boat. All the stuff we normally do, well, they brought the cameras along. We always said, 'Where are the cameras when you need them?' and we had them," Orrison said.

Orrison family looks at the real life sitcom as a dream come true. They believe the national spotlight will attract more folks to South Mississippi and wanting to come get fed at the Shed.

The show airs Monday at 9pm on the Food Network.

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