Police: Victim walks into ER with stab wounds

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Gulfport man walked into Memorial Hospital's emergency room overnight with stab wounds.  How he suffered those wounds is the focal point of what police are calling a convoluted investigation.

Gulfport investigators aren't saying much about the stabbing right now, because they're not sure which story they're hearing is true.  The city's deputy chief tells WLOX News the victim and witnesses are telling two different versions of the altercation.  And he says neither one makes much sense.

The victim reportedly suffered the stab wounds around midnight at a gas station.  However, police say there isn't a crime scene.

So far, names of the victim and any potential suspects haven't been released.  The deputy chief says his investigators are chasing down leads, trying to sort out what actually happened.

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