Biloxi dog park is a big hit for dog owners

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Fresh air.  Large open space.  It sounds like a dog's paradise.  But, with no shade and no water, you see dogs lounging around a fenced in park on Popp's Ferry Road more than playing.

Amanda Tsang has been using the park since November.  She and her husband agree there is one big improvement they would like to see.  "We would definitely like to see some shade, especially in the summer. It's been really hot, really warm, and our dogs too they search out the small pockets of shade," said Tsang.

The dog park is on Popp's Ferry Road.  It's just north of the Sunkist subdivision.  And right across the street from the Margaret Sherry Library.

Those who frequent the park say they're excited to have one in the area.  And now that the city has agreed to take care of it, they hope to see some changes made.

For about eight months, the city of Biloxi as been working diligently to make improvements to the park.  Parks and recreation department employees have put up double gates and lights.  And they've gotten approval to pave the parking lot.

Cheryl Bell is the director of parks and recreations.  She told WLOX News she was excited the park has gotten such good feedback.

Like many others who go there often, Amy Gresham says she loves having the dog park.  "We were so excited, because we live in an apartment, and it's a great way for the dogs to just release some energy after being cooped up all day," said Gresham.

Many dog owners who use the park would like to see the park sectioned off into a small dog park and a big dog park.  Bell didn't say if that was part of the city's long-term plans.

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