WLOX Editorial: It's time to get a plan together & replace the old Jackson County Jail

Five years ago, the citizens of Jackson County were told they had to have a new jail immediately. So here we are five years later in 2013 still using the old jail-- and not the first shovel of dirt has been turned to build a new jail.

The county has managed to spend $1.3 million to draw up plans. Two architects have been fired and we still don't know what it cost in the end. Estimates have ranged from $22 million to $35 million. And the latest bids have all been rejected. Now they are going to re-bid the project because of questions around the integrity of the bid process.

We say it's time for the supervisors to get their act together. Jackson County isn't the first county to need and build a new jail. We want you to be frugal with the taxpayer's money, and look after the integrity of the bid process. But it's time to get a plan together and replace the old overcrowded facility.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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