Old Coleman Avenue School Gets Makeover

Waveland city leaders say years of hard work by the Coleman Avenue Coalition are starting to pay off. The coalition made up of merchants, residents and community leaders, was formed to revitalize Waveland's historic downtown shopping district. The group is very proud of what's been done so far and what's ahead.

Kathy Pinn is the owner of "That Cute Little Shoppe", an Antique and Collectibles business she opened about ten months ago. Pinn is also the new president of the Coleman Avenue Coalition,  "We'd like to see Coleman Avenue develop into a Street that has esthetic appeal to people, the appearance is a little better that has shop keepers are enjoying what they're doing and making a living at it."

Mayor Tommy Longo says " It's a work in progress." Longo also says the coalition is bigger and stronger than ever before and points to new business activity on Coleman as proof. " We have a half a dozen new businesses on Coleman Avenue in the last 12 months actually 3 of them in just the last couple of months." They include a new antique and coffee shop, a restaurant and a family beauty salon. And coming soon a new art gallery.

City leaders say "It's slowly but surely starting to come together." But, getting that word out to the shopping public is what the coalition hopes to do. Coalition members say " One of the ways we thought of to promote the area is we need better signage coming into Highway 90 a lot of people go through there and never come this way we produced a new flyer that we distributed to all the Mississippi Welcome Centers and the Hancock County Chamber of Commence." The goal is to make Coleman Avenue what it once was..A thriving downtown business district.

Coalition members have several beautification projects planned for Coleman as well as a side walk project to make going from shop to shop a little more convenient..