Residents Want Radar to Stop Speeders

"The amount of cars goin' up and down the road has increased tremendously," says Martha Beard who has has watched that happen in the six years that she has lived on John Clark Road. Beard says with much more traffic on the two lane county road, sheriff's deputies need radar to stop speeders, and she can't understand why state lawmakers don't see the need too. "I would like to see it brought back up and I don't think we need to wait a year for that. Lives are lost continually and I really think it's important for us as citizens to take a stand and say look we don't wanna see people die in front of our house," says Beard.

From their front porch rocking chairs, Beard's neighbors, Ray and Betty Taylor, watch the cars fly by. Ray Taylor says he predicts  90-percent of the cars going down the road speed. Like Beard, the Taylor's are big supporters of radar. "We just think we need it cause we can't back outta the driveway. We need something to slow it down and that's the only way," says Betty Taylor.  Ray Taylor  says it's hard for deputies to do anything about speeders if they have nothing to gauge how fast drivers are going. "The sheriff's department, they're doin' a good job, they patrol but they can't stop anybody just because they think they're speedin'."

Only the legislature can give sheriff's departments the authority to use radar, After a house committee defeated yet another radar bill last week, sheriffs don't expect to get that power anytime soon.

Mississippi sheriffs have lobbied the legislature for years to allow them to use radar on county roads just as police use it on city roads.