2013 Shrimp Season called average

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - We're about six weeks into the 2013 shrimp season and the word being used to describe the season so far is average.  Shrimpers and others in the seafood industry say the season is barely providing supply to meet demand.

Over at Saint Michael's Fuel and Ice Dock shrimp from the Santa Maria's is being off loaded. The captain said he was out on the water for six days, and called his catch typical.

Those in the industry are saying the season started fairly strong and is now fading a bit.

"It was steady in the beginning, but now it's slacking off" said Ted Luke from Saint Michael's.

Over at Desporte Seafood, Sean Desporte said weather has had an impact on shrimpers

"They're getting out there and the wind and rain is real bad. They're trying to catch as much as they can while they can" said Desporte.

Desporte is bullish on the season. He has had little trouble keeping up with the consumer's appetite for Mississippi shrimp

"We're getting enough supply. Everyone is wanting shrimp and we have this year so far."

The brown shrimp season is getting ready to end and the white shrimp is set to get underway.

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