Thousands Wait For Sand Bags

The threat of Hurricane Ivan caused a long line of vehicles off Lorraine Cowan Road Tuesday.

But it wasn't a gas station that attracted the crowd.  The back up involved the scramble for sand bags. The line stretched around the county work center and onto Lorraine Cowan Road.

People preparing for Ivan waited an hour or more for some sand bag security.

Inmate work crews loaded the heavy bags in assembly line fashion. Across from the loading dock, another army of inmates filled the empty bags. People in line waited and worried.

"I plan on boarding up and putting sand bags in front of my doors and riding it out," said one woman, as she neared the end of the line.

A man who lives on Irish Hill Drive in Biloxi was making plans to safeguard his property, then evacuate.

"We're going to head north for a little bit. We've got some friends. Boarding up, sand bagging and preparing for the hurricane. That's all we can do," he explained.

The man in charge of the sand bag operation says evacuating is the smart move for most people.

"Ones that remember Camille. You won't have any problem getting them out. You might have a few that remember Frederick and Elena. They might want to stay, but they'll probably be sorry they did before this is over with," said Harrison County Road Manager, Terry Broadus.

A Saucier resident told us he'll probably stay put.

"Well, if it doesn't go to a five. If it's a five, we'll get out.  We're just happy to be here. This is the price we pay for living in paradise," he reasoned.

The county eventually ran out of sand bags, after passing out some 31 thousand.