Update on D'Iberville & Harrison Central Stadium renovations

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Workers are dodging rain to get Harrison Central's new field turf in place. It's not an easy task. The ground has to be prepared and that process continues.

Construction of a new entrance continues along with new public rest rooms.

Harrison Central football coach Steve Jones says his Red Rebels can't wait for the new facility to open.

Jones said,"Obviously getting field turf put on the field and renovations to the front of the building. We've got brick columns and iron gate across the front, a new ticket booth,a small storage area, concession stand and bathrooms being renovated. The kids feel like they're getting a new stadium,"

Let's head over to D'Iberville's Warrior Stadium where the Buddy Singleton Field is taking on a new look. The old field was removed and preparations are underway to lay down the new field turf. Harrison Central School District Athletic Director Mike Gavin says work is moving along at a steady pace at both D'Iberville and Harrison Central.

"With all the rain we've had this July I think Harrison Central is a little behind of D'Iberville," Gavin stated. "They were able to put the limestone at D'Iberville facility this week and hopefully we can catch up over the next few weeks and get back on schedule."

Harrison Central was slated to kick off the new season at home in Lyman hosting Gautier on August 23rd, but game has been moved to Jackson County.

Gavin said, "We knew that we weren't going to get ready for the August 23rd game with Gautier so that game has been moved to Gautier. Everything else seems to be on line. Harrison Central's first home game will be September 13th. D'Iberville's first home game will be September the 20th."

Both Harrison Central and D'Iberville will play scrimmage games on August 16th. Harrison Central and Long Beach clash on West Harrison High School's stadium, which has field turf and D'Iberville travels to Hancock County on August 16th, a date with the home standing St. Stanislaus Rockachaws,

Biloxi High School recently replaced their original Field Turf with a new Field Turf.  Biloxi athletic director Tom Gladney says the new turf is softer.

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