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Former Hinds Co. jail inmate alleges thefts and unsanitary conditions

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A former Hinds County jail inmate says life behind prison walls is more of a nightmare because of what officials allow to occur, including theft and unsanitary living conditions. Trevis Roy says jail officials are turning their backs on crimes committed against prisoners.

Roy said he entered the detention center in October of 2012 and was released in June. He was charged with aggravated assault which he said was later reduced to simple assault.

Upon release Roy said he was told his personal effects were stolen from the lockup in booking.

"All of a sudden they tell me my personal property is just lost," said Roy. "I'm like can I get my cell phone and stuff like that? And they're like, it's gone."

According to the 29 year old, his wallet with birth certificate and driver's license and other items were taken. He also claims that the items stolen by trusties and others are resold to inmates as contraband.

"Sergeant was like I'm just going to be honest with you. We had found out that it was trusties going in there stealing anybody's bag that have a cell phone in it," said Roy. "It was some dudes saying that they have seen their phone back in circulation."

The Jackson resident said he witnessed violence and other reactions to constant lock downs like riots that happened in Pod B where he alleges there are unhealthy living conditions.

"It's mold all over the walls. You can go in there check any cell in B-3 upstairs where I was," said Roy. "They had us down in the cell for three, four days and they'll cut our water off, and you can't use the restroom. It's urine and feces in the toilet. It's stuck in the toilet."

Hinds County Sheriff's Department Director of Media and Communications Othor Cain said he is not at liberty to discuss the legal issues, but they have tried to contact Roy.

Cain encourages anyone to follow proper procedure within the department if they feel they've been wronged. He said this would include filing the proper paperwork.

Roy said he would like to be reimbursed by the county for his stolen property. The former inmate is in the process of replacing his birth certificate, license and social security card.

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