New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton still believes in a solid fullback

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WLOX) - Many NFL teams have steered away from developing a solid fullback.  However New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton says the two teams who played in the Super Bowl last year had established fullbacks.

Payton said, "We believe in having a fullback. Now. there are snaps where they are not on the field, but for us, is much like one of your inside linebackers.  You may not play them every down, but they are an integral part of what we do."

Jeff Collins has been getting most of the snaps at fullback.  Payton says he has done a real good job and he has competition.

He said, "We think it's important to run the football within the framework of our two-back offense.  Again that doesn't mean every play, there is so much situational substitution football going on that would include that decision.

So who has the edge in the backup to quarterback Drew Brees?

Payton said, "Well you have two veteran players who started in this league in Luke McCown and Seneca Wallace and, obviously, the young player Ryan Griffin from Tulane, so that gives you flexibility, but I think those guys are handling what we are giving them pretty well."

When it comes to Seneca Wallace, Payton says it's hard to judge out on the practice field, but when he gets into a game, he'll display the ability to escape and make some plays on his feet.

Payton said, "We will get a chance to see that in the preseason."

Saints training camp practice gets underway Tuesday morning at 8:50 and will run up until around 11:50.

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