Mickey D'Angelo is offensive coordinator at West Harrison High School

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Mickey D'Angelo is back. Back where he belongs.

Mickey D'Angelo said, I'm real excited about getting back into coaching. I'm going to be the offensive coordinator at West Harrison High School.

I held off as long as possible. I was in the business world but I got to the point that I wasn't excited to get out of bed every morning and I new football was where I needed to be.

Mickey's dad, Joey was a high school coach for 33 years before he retired after the 2005 football season. Joey was head coach at Long Beach and Gulfport High and served as offensive coordinator at Harrison Central and St. Patrick. Mickey says his dad played a major role in his decision to join the high school ranks full-time.

Mickey said, "He set down a guideline for me and I got to see how excited he was to coach and it kind of fed off on me and I've always been attached to football throughout my whole life. Even when I wasn't playing, I wasn't full-time coaching, I was helping."

Mickey D'Angelo was a starting quarterback at Southern Miss under the direction of Golden Eagles all-time winning est football coach Jeff Bower.

When he had to hang up the cleats, he offered his services as a volunteer coach.

Mickey helped guide his brother Anthony, when the younger D'Angelo was the starting quarterback at Long Beach High School a few years ago.

What style of offense will Mickey devise for the West Harrison Hurricanes in 2013?

Mickey stated,"You can have any philosophy you want but it's got to fit your kids. I've only been there a couple of months, kind of have an idea what we want. We might run some spread, a lot of multiple formations. We have a couple of kids who can do multiple things so we might as well utilize that."

Harrison County School District athletic director Mike Gavin said,"He just got certified as a teacher so we're very very proud to have Mickey D'Angelo as part of our staff at West Harrison. Feel like he'll to an excellent job in bringing his knowledge especially at the quarterback position."

Besides serving as the Hurricanes offensive coordinator, Mickey D'Angelo is also West Harrison's new high school golf coach.

His mom, Terry, is serving as athletic director at Our Lady Academy and previously was the girls head coach at Long Beach High School and former AD.

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