Summer tourism season starting to wind down

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - At Snapper's Seafood beachfront restaurant, a few more people have been enjoying the view, and snapping up plates of seafood. It could be better, but it certainly could have been worse.

"We're holding our own," said restaurant manager Charles Fagen. "This year has been a fair season. It hasn't been wonderful, hasn't been bad. It's been really a delightful season with new tourists and different areas.

While there's no hard concrete evidence that makes this absolutely true, several of the tourism officials I talked with today say it seems more and more families are visiting the coast. Their stops include motels and even RV parks.

Sal Nazarali manages the Super 8 Motel in Biloxi.

"Well, I would describe it as pretty good so far. We are matching the same figures as last year. We are seeing more families than years before and seems like everybody is having fun here," Nazarali said.

Tammy Scofield is the manager of a Biloxi RV Park.

"We've done well this year, I believe. We've had a lot of families come and enjoy the holiday with us. It's been a good summer."

Even though the weather is perfect today, that hasn't been the case for much of the summer. The most damage was done during the long, critical fourth of July holiday weekend. It was a total washout.

Pat Pigott owns a beach vendor business.

"Yeah, that was huge," Pigott lamented. "That was nasty. Because every hotel down here was booked and people wanted to do stuff, but couldn't get out and do it. And all we could do was sit here wonder what might have been."

Beach vendors and others in the industry also wonder what the future holds, but seem to be optimistic.

Of course, the last big fling for the tourism season will be the Labor Day holiday weekend. Labor Day will be on Monday, September the 2nd.

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