Handsboro Baptist celebrates 139th year

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - First Baptist Church Handsboro celebrated its 139th anniversary Sunday. The church has withstood some of the worst tropical storms to ever hit the Gulf Coast and they have never changed locations.

Pastor Joey Bennett says he wasn't with the church during Katrina, but they did consider moving. After a lot of prayer and consideration they decided to stay. They dedicated Sunday's service to pay homage to people in the church they consider to be heroes.

Pastor Bennett grew up on the Gulf Coast and says he passed the church every day, but never thought he would one day pastor a church with such rich history.

"We're talking about heroes in our church, and in history and the Bible. So today was just a celebration of heroes here of both past, present, and even ones starting out into the future," said Bennett.

The church was built in 1877.

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