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Deadly shootout in Florida kills 7, girl loses parents

HIALEAH, FLORIDA (WSVN/CNN) - The grief was unbearable for family members learning loved ones were killed at a Hialeah apartment complex Friday night.

SWAT units were called, after police arrived to find two people dead. Officers say a search of the complex turned up more bodies, including one believed to have been hit by a stray bullet.

Investigators say a SWAT team moved in when the gunman barricaded himself inside a unit, holding two people hostage.

Tactical forces rescued the two and say when the gunman engaged them in a shootout, the suspect was killed.

"I heard about 15 to 20 shots, and so I went outside, and my neighbors were screaming about my parents had been shot," Shamira Pisciotti said.

Police are trying to determine the motive, and say it will be Sunday before they release any of the names of those involved.

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