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Delivery driver arrested at MDOC

PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Authorities at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility made a huge discovery Friday when a delivery truck bringing supplies to the facility was searched.

A Stericycle Truck, driven by James Brooks of Canton, was searched and the truck was found to be carrying numerous contraband items.

Brooks was arrested and transported to the Rankin County Jail. He faces numerous charges, including possession of alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. Other charges include introduction of contraband, conspiracy to introduce contraband and possession of tobacco.

MDOC Commissioner Chris Epps said, "I commend the MDOC staff investigators on their diligence in maintaining security at our prisons.

"Eventually, after enough people get convicted on these attempts to bring contraband into prison, we will put a stop to these reckless plans. I can't help but wonder if this man who was charged today ever asked himself if this plan was really worth doing time in prison," Epps added.

Other items found in the search include, 46 cell phones, 44 cell phone chargers, five cell phone batteries, one i-pod, four AT&T Go Sim cards, one T-Mobile Sim card, one Micro SD Scan Disk, hearing aid batteries, three bottles of Everclear alcohol, two water bottles of alcohol, 21 bags of yeast, various packs of cigars and cigarillos as well as tobacco, 21 lighters, 45 packs of top rolling papers and one pack of toothbrushes.

Epps said as protocol all vehicles entering the correctional facility are searched by security staff. 

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