Tax free weekend makes back to school shopping easier

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Friday and Saturday, Mississippi will not charge sales tax on clothes and shoes. Several families we spoke with said that helps close the gap between the fashions the kids like, and the prices that parents can afford.

Teenager Erin Geist said her family puts off back to school shopping until tax free weekend.

"I just love coming out because everything is so cheap. I just love getting new clothes," said Geist. "We just wait on a lot of things like jeans go on sale, shirts and shoes, all things like that go really on sale during tax free."

Shoppers made their way through Edgewater Mall in Biloxi in search of big savings.

Jennifer Cline's family happened to be in town vacationing from Tennessee. She said her state also has a tax free weekend, but it's after school starts back.

"It just helps with family to get that discount," Cline said. "It saves money, especially when you've got a big family."

"You've got three children in school, so you take advantage of the saving," Angela Causin said.

Michelle Parker and her teen daughter, Gabrielle, said they were finding great deals.

"With prices going up with children's clothes for school," said Parker. "Yes, I think you'll have more people shop because of the no tax, which is good."

Also good is that many stores offer steep discounts during tax free weekend.

"You get 10 or 20 percent off, then you get tax free on top of it," shopper Sondra Hovis said.

"We were just in Dillards and they had 40 percent off, plus tax free. It was awesome," said shopper Beth Briggs.

The children and teens said tax free weekend makes it easier to convince mom and dad to open their wallets. Geist said that was definitely the case with her mom.

"It's a lot easier to get things you want on tax free weekend because things aren't as expensive as they usually are," Geist said. "She likes it a lot because it doesn't hurt her paycheck as much. I just really like tax free weekend."

Now in order to qualify for tax free status, the price of a single item of clothing or shoes has to be less than $100.

To see a complete list of the items that qualify for the tax-free weekend, visit:

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