Page 13: New show at Gulfport Little Theatre

Image source: Gulfport Little Theatre.
Image source: Gulfport Little Theatre.

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical story from the bible, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" explodes on stage at Gulfport Little Theater.

Karen Abernathy is the narrator, taking the audience on a musical journey through this story based on Joseph's coat of many colors from the Book of Genesis.

"At some points I'm mixed into the story. I weave in and out through the characters. I'm introducing people and singing all the way through and telling the story" said Abernathy.

Te-J Thompson plays Joseph. He thinks the cast and the songs will have a wide appeal, "There are so many talented people and different genres of music in this show. There is something for everyone" Thompson said.

Including a little Rock and Roll from David Delk who stars as Pharaoh with a twist.

"I'm not your typical Pharaoh. I'm like a singer from Vegas. The king as it were. It gives the audience an opportunity to have fun. I'm part of this story with all this glitter on stage. It's fun" Delk says.

There will be six shows over two weekends beginning this Friday night. Click for show details.

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