Highway flyover will provide traffic relief in D'Iberville

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Thursday morning, a major construction milestone will open at two major shopping complexes in D'iberville. The Sangani Boulevard flyover above Highway 67 will open for traffic.

For businesses and their customers, that means the long endured traffic nightmares at the intersection will be coming to and end.

For months, shoppers at Lakeview Village and the Promenade have had to deal with bumper to bumper traffic, stretching as far as the eye can see. There is an answer. A flyover bridge tying the two shopping centers together.

At Sportclips, the opening will wash away the bad traffic memories of the past year.  Michelle Wilmoth is the business manager.

"Well, I think it's going to be a tremendous relief to all the customers that come in the area. I know for us, we're only about a year and seven months old and I look forward to the growth it's going to allow us," Wilmoth said.

Over the years, there's no telling how many drivers simply gave up coming into Lakeview or the Promenade because of the traffic congestion, just turning around and going away or not even coming here altogether. Well, with this flyover about to open, those traffic congestion nightmares could be over and that could mean more business.

Brittni Beard manages Aristo's restaurant in the Promenade.

"Right now, we have a lot of complaints about itm" Beard said. "Once that opens up, we're hoping that business will pick back up and people will be more willing to drive out here and come try the food."

Aristo's wasn't the only business hearing it from customers. So were the people who own a liquor store in Lakeview.  Dave Vakharia is the owner.

"We heard all the time from the people complaining regarding the traffic is a lot and they do not want to come in this area because they get stuck in the traffic and do not want to come, and just pass by this area and go somewhere else," Vakharia explained.

A safer and quicker ride for potential customers has other businesses anticipating sales increases.  Gwen Harper manages a mattress store.

"Oh, most definitely and we're excited to have it open and bring the customers back over to us and not have the long waits," Harper said.

In addition to the flyover opening, other major projects will be getting underway in the near future at the shopping complex.  Two new exits and entrances into Lakeview Village and the Promenade will be constructed off I-10 one on the east side leading into the Grand Theatre, the other on the west side at the back entrance to the Promenade.

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