Sports Update: Gulfport's Nick Myers is winning his battle with Leukemia

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Nick Myers is making a comeback. While he can't actively compete in a soccer game, he can assist at soccer camps, coaching youngsters at the Gulfport Sportsplex.

It wasn't that long ago, Myers dropped 35 pounds and weighed under 110 pounds during his critical chemotherapy treatments.

Today his hair has grown back and his health has greatly improved.

Myers said,"I'm doing great. The prognosis is the cancer has been gone. I still have to do treatment for about 22 more months but other than that I'm feeling great."

In January of 2012... 16-year-old Nick Myers stood tall in front of the Admirals net as the starting goalkeeper. He was playing in the biggest game of his young high school soccer career and came through with save after save to lock-up a 1-nothing Gulfport victory over top-ranked Ocean Springs to claim the 6A South State Championship.

Two month later...the once agile Myers received news that would end his soccer career for the unseen future. Myers had Leukemia.

"I started like, hey I might not lose my hair and than I started losing it. It started setting in, hey you know I am kind of starting to get sick but like I said just roll with the punches."

Gulfport High School classmates stepped up on Twitter and Facebook and spread the news about the young man and his fight.

They became known as "Team Nick Myers."

Myers stated,"I can't even express the love I have towards them and all the prayers that went towards me. That's what I feel helped me the most because when I was at my lowest point, I felt like no treatment could help." He added,"It was the people really praying for me that got me through it and the people that were always there supporting me."

While Nick can't play soccer right now, he's decided to play golf at Gulfport High School.

He's truly been an inspiration to everyone who has seen him battle tooth and nail over his illness.

Nick has words of wisdom for anyone who might be facing the same trials and tribulations he has faced.

"Stay positive and just always, always just remember there's a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what obstacle you have to go through. No matter what hoop you have to jump through, no matter what treatment or what the doctors say, just always keep a very positive outlook. It helps a lot more than you think."

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