Man mauled by his own dog now in stable condition

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - A Waveland man who was attacked by his own dog Tuesday night said the animal had never shown any signs of aggressive behavior before, and he's not sure what sparked the attack.

John Truitt, 47, is now in stable condition after undergoing surgery for his wounds. He spoke with investigators about the attack that went on for an estimated 20 minutes before help arrived.

Just before 5pm Tuesday, first responders arrived at Truitt's home on Harding Street expecting to find a man having a heart attack. Instead, they found a pit bull still attacking its owner.

Officials said the dog was latched onto Truitt, who was lying wounded on the ground. Only after a police officer killed the dog were medics able to finally get close enough to render aid.

Neighbors told investigators Truitt was lying on the ground and appeared to be having medical issues. When someone tried to check on him, the pit bull leapt off of the balcony and began attacking its owner.

Animal control took four other dogs from the property that they said were living in deplorable conditions, and appeared to suffer from malnutrition. The dogs are Catahoula Curr mixes, and are being held at the Hancock County Animal Shelter.

Shelter Director Toni Accardo said three of the dogs are being housed together because they were skittish and showed signs of aggression towards other dogs. A fourth one seemed docile and is being housed by itself.

"We're housing them here until we hear otherwise," Accardo said.

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