Newborn's parents from Gautier celebrate their own little prince

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Just two hours before the royal baby arrived in the world, a Gautier woman gave birth to her own baby boy. While her baby won't become a future monarch, he's still a prince in his parents' eyes. The baby's birthday will always be extra special.

No crown will adorn his head, a baseball cap will do. He doesn't have a drop of royal blood; still, his birth generated a lot of buzz.

"He's a handsome little fella. He's cute. I heard that all over Facebook," said Melissa Scott of Gautier.

Brian O'Nell Tillison, or B.J for short, was born at Ocean Springs Hospital on July 22. That was the same afternoon Britain's heir to the throne came into the world.

"A little shocked actually, but I was excited because my baby got to share a birthday with the young prince. He is my king in my eyes, isn't that right buddy?" Scott asked as she looked lovingly at her newborn.

"It was amazing. It was just shocking to see them bring the baby out and hearing him cry for the first time," said BJ's dad, Brian Tillison.

Afterwards, the proud Gautier couple got to watch the coverage of the royal baby's birth. Scott has been following the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy, and discovered they had a few things in common.

"When she got sick severely and she was in the hospital, I watched that and said, 'Oh man, I was in the same predicament she was in,'" said Scott. "We both had boys, which I just found about that yesterday. She didn't reveal that, but it's pretty exciting."

The couple will get to take their little prince home on Wednesday. He weighed in at six pounds, 12 ounces. No word yet on whether he'll rule the household.  BJ has a nine-year-old brother waiting for him at home.

The parents say BJ's future birthdays will be especially memorable.

"I will always remember it. Well for one, my baby was born on that day and it was Kate Middleton and them, they're royalty. I mean, it can't get any better than that," said Scott.

Other South Mississippi babies will get to share the same birthday as the royal baby. Two newborns arrived at Ocean Springs Hospital on Monday. Eight babies were born at Singing River Hospital.

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