South Mississippi K-Marts Board Up For Ivan Just In Case

While it's uncertain to what extent, or even if, Hurricane Ivan will affect us here in South Mississippi, one local chain of retail stores is already taking action.

K-Mart is known across the nation for its blue light specials, this weekend it was the boarded-up exterior of K-Marts along the coast that captured the attention of South Mississippians.

"I was surprised because they don't usually do that. It was sort of scary," says K-Mart shopper Betty Bailey.

But that didn't stop her and her friend Sybil Goodson from stocking up on supplies in case Ivan does affect South Mississippi.

"She got snacks, and I got water, water for me and the dog," says Bailey.

All of the K-Marts in Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama were boarded up over the weekend.

K-Mart officials say this is a precautionary measure and a corporate policy all of the K-Marts in the region must follow.

"I think it's probably a smart idea to go ahead and get prepared. You never know what's going to happen," says K-Mart shopper Teresa Sanders.

The K-Marts are boarded up but still open for business.

And that's good news for shoppers who want to stock up like Teresa Sanders and Betty Bailey.

They've lived through a few tropical storms and hurricanes here on the coast over the years, and say preparation makes all the difference in weathering these storms, that is when they "do" hit the coast.

Teresa Sanders, K-Mart Shopper:

"We did both, the last two storms, and I don't like to be without drinks, and water and stuff like that and things to keep the kids occupied," says Sanders.

In the meantime, it looks like retail stores like K-Mart will remain busy with shoppers who are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

There are four K-Marts in South Mississippi.

They're located in Gulfport, Orange Grove, Waveland, and Long Beach.