South Mississippians Stocking Up For Possible Visit From Ivan

It appears that South Mississippians aren't taking any chances with Ivan.

Many are stocking up on hurricane supplies just in case the killer storm steers a path further west and takes aim at the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

That has local retailers scrambling to keep up with the growing demand.

"I've been through several, the last one was Frederick," says Gulfport resident Dennis Cain

"It keeps shifting westward. You never know, if they shift it just a little bit more it'll come our way," he adds.

Despite predictions that Ivan is unlikely to move this far westward, Cain isn't alone in in his determination to be ready for the worst.

"Boarding up the windows out at Long Beach. Too close to the beach," says Long Beach resident Don Brinkley.

Up till now, Lowes Assistant Store Manager Walker St. Paul says most of their Hurricane supplies have been going to Florida.

"After Charlie we sent quiet a number of generators, then we've been shipping plywood goods to the Florida region," St. Paul says.

Now he needs all he can get his hands on for worried residents here.

"People are definitely aware that Ivan is out there. Typical Hurricane preparedness stuff,. plywood, tape, plastics, candles, water has been going pretty well, gas cans," says St. Paul

In fact, some day to day stock is running short, especially generators which are tough to find in any coastal city right now.

But retailers here say the public shouldn't panic, and that relief is on the way.

"As needed supplies will be shipped in from either suppliers or from other stores to make sure we always have what we need and plenty of it for the public," says St. Paul.

But despite all the reassurances, the preparation continues, until the questions swirling around Ivan are answered.