More Generosity For Gustavo Clavijo

Instead of rest and relaxation on a warm Sunday afternoon, these teens are busy cleaning for a cause, and that cause is to help pay for the medical expenses of Gustavo Clavijo.

"I just did it because he needed help and I just wanted to do something nice," said organizer Neil Prichard.

Nice indeed, because Neil and his friends do not personally know the 16-year-old soccer player.

The charitable spirit of others wanting to help the Clavijo family appears to have "rubbed" off on these teens.

So, they wanted to show their kindness and support to a fellow Gulfport High School student by sponsoring a benefit car wash this weekend.

But the Clavijo family will not be the only ones who benefit from the group's labor.

"I get the satisfaction that I helped Gustavo's family get through this medical wise, and just the good feeling in your heart knowing that you did something to help somebody other than yourself," said helper Veronica Smith.

And these teens hope they have reflected the importance of charity on to others.

Over the weekend, the students raised about 150-dollars from the car wash.

Prichard plans to host a small program to officially present the money to the Clavijo family.