Gulfport Powerlifter taking aim on international competition in Las Vegas

17-year-old Bryan Hurt and his dad, John, are both powerlifters.

Bryan was encouraged by his father to pick up the weights and spend less time on his computer last April

John Hurt said, "He was having what I consider a video game addiction so I felt like I needed to focus him somewhere else. I asked him if he wanted to work out with me." Hurt added,"Bryan started coming to the gym, started to enjoy it and we noticed some potential in him."@

Bryan not only enjoyed lifting weights, he jumped full-speed ahead and began competing in meets as a member of the West Harrison

High School powerlifting team.

Bryan said,"I competed in the high school meet and unfortunately got shorted out by 5 pounds there so I didn't make it to state. But in my most recent meet, my third meet, I set all four state records, broke all four national records and now I'm going to try to accomplish breaking the world record."

He set 4 state and American records in the 132 pound weight division at the Deep South Open Championships in Hattiesburg last month. 275 pounds in the squat, 358 pounds in the dead lift, 183 pounds in the bench press for a total of 806 pounds.

The 5 foot-6 inch Hurt is training for the International Powerlfiting League World Championships in November in Las Vegas.

Bryan stated,"Just really gives me a sense of pride knowing that I can go up there and compete with them. I think of it more of bettering myself, beating my previous records then beating anyone else."

John Hurt added,"Bryan is not far off from qualifying in the bench press and the squat also. He needs about 80 pounds on each one of them and I think within his next training period I don't see a reason why he shouldn't be at least close."

Like father like son. John Hurt has set national and world powerlifting records of his own, but is coming off a shoulder injury. If he improves, he also might be competing at the International Powerlifting League World Championships in Las Vegas

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