WLOX Editorial: Let's make sure we are attracting as many tourists as we can

We are proud that our local communities are now working together when it comes to attracting tourists to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau is finally a living breathing entity.

For the first time the three Mississippi Coastal Counties, Hancock, Harrison and Jackson are all working together for the good of the region. But it's an entity with lots to do. We must still overcome Hurricane Katrina and the images of the BP Oil Spill. No small task, but there is much to show and a great story to tell about life and leisure in South Mississippi.

We are all in this together; bringing more people to the coast.  The dollars generated help solidify employment.  The tax dollars generated by tourists can help build infrastructure and help keep the local economy churning. The millions of dollars tourists spend each year will be spent somewhere. Let's make sure they spend a good share of it here.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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