Pascagoula working to reduce frequent flooding issues

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Many parts of Pascagoula have become a flooding nightmare and city officials say they don't exactly know why. But they are investigating to see if various Army Corps of Engineer Projects around town may be playing a role in the water not draining fast enough.

Frequent flooding in the city is a headache for residents and City Engineer Jaci Turner said it has to stop.

"We have had some flooding in places we haven't seen it before," Turner said.

Over the years, the flooding has increased particularly in the northeast part of town.
"Highway 90, Shortcut Road, around Wal-Mart, Briarwood, that area out there," Turner said.

City officials say they are doing the best to find and alleviate the problems in neighborhoods.

"Cleaning out ditches and cleaning out pipes. We have actually found a couple of pipes that have collapsed," Turner said.

Officials admit they believe the corps of engineers may be to blame for some of these flooding woes.

"We got to have the redevelopment of the LaFont site, the Highway 611 project. There were also two major drainage project in that area one is the corps that was the Bayou Cassette reach and also our NRCS project.  The corps project cleaned a lot of ditches and a lot of drainage up in that area, and we believe it could have contributed to how quickly the water can get to the area," Turner said.

 The goal of Monday's meeting is for the city and corps to begin brainstorming mitigation measures.

"They have suggested that their first step is to watershed study and that was the approach that we were taking as well. We have a lot of background information and they have done a lot of study information. We like to put that together and make sure we have a good understanding of the problem area," Turner said.
Turner says the corps has also indicated it could have some extra funding to help prevent future flooding.
"We don't want flooding to businesses, homes, anything.  Right now, we are having some businesses and homes that never had before and we want to fix it," Turner said.

The city is also planning to meet with residents in the affected areas, but no date has been set at this time.

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