Trayvon Martin supporters walk Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge in his honor

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's been just more than a week since a jury acquitted George Zimmerman. Since then citizens across the nation have come together to keep Trayvon Martin alive in their hearts and push the government to bring federal charges against Zimmerman.

Through protests and demonstrations thousands of people are not giving up the fight. That message was heard loud and clear at the Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge on Sunday.

People gathered, wearing hoodies and Trayvon Martin shirts in support. Across the bridge and back they chanted his name, hoping more will get involved in the effort.

"It's important to me because when you live as black woman, raising black sons, you see the things that happen with them. As a child I've been involved in prejudiceness," said Twanna Simmons who attended the walk. "Any little bit you do can make a change. You can change things. Instead of talking about it, get out here and do something. Participate, you know, make it happen."

Last night there was a smaller protest in Jones Park in Gulfport and more than 30 people showed up to support the cause in Biloxi.

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