Biloxi casino rolls out red carpet for international children

CISV children with the cast of Funambula. Image source: Beau Rivage.
CISV children with the cast of Funambula. Image source: Beau Rivage.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Dozens of children from all over the world are in South Mississippi this Summer. They've been visiting various attractions along the coast and on Saturday the Beau Rivage rolled out the red carpet for the kids.

The children come from a dozen different countries. They speak different languages and have different customs, but when it comes to fun there's a common understanding.

"Brazil! Brazil! Brazil" children from Brazil chanted as they arrived at the Beau Rivage bus lobby.

Children's International Summer Villages (CISV) reached out to the Beau Rivage a few months ago for dinner, but the casino decided to do that and more. They offered them complimentary tickets to their show Funambula and lunch at the buffet.

"We don't get to do that many things with children because of the business we're in so this was a perfect opportunity. And it has so many of our initiatives. CISV is into sustainability, which we are very much into sustainability and diversity and many of our other initiatives," Beau Rivage Manager of Legal and Community Affairs Shelia Alexander said.

"Today we are coming to see Funambula and I think it's going to be really fun." Pepo Guerrero of El Salvador said.

When the children aren't out sightseeing they are focusing on creating cross-cultural friendships which is one of the goals of CISV.

"We do a lot of conflict resolution and getting to know you and learning about other cultures. We have activities called national nights and that's where each delegation from each country gets a night to present everything they have from food to a dance to different games they play," said CISV Public Relations Chair Katie Donahoe.

One of the visitors to Mississippi says she enjoys the weather along with the friendly locals.

"I love the heat. It's like hotter than at home. I love the people they're so nice to us. They like offer to do things you didn't expect them to do," Johanna Bjarnardottir of Iceland said.

After the show the children were able to meet and take pictures with the cast of the show on stage. The children will continue their journey in the Gulf Coast until the end of this month.

Click CISV to learn more about the program. Funambula runs until August 11.

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