WLOX Launches New High School Program

Look around the gym at D'Iberville High School and you'll see different cliques sitting together. For the students not part of a clique, social acceptance is a daily problem. According to student Chris Fore, "We need more people that will go up to these people and make them feel wanted, you know."

But how do you get teens to do that?  A group of 22 D'Iberville students came up with one possible answer. As part of WLOX's new campaign "Your Future, Your Choice", the kids created a 30 second television spot that tackles the social acceptance issue. At a school assembly, WLOX premiered the D'Iberville message.

D'Iberville was the first school to participate in WLOX's campaign.  The campaign's mission is to create a commercial so teens can talk about the issues they face. One of the students in the D'Iberville commercial was Caleb Davis.  He thinks the spot will open some eyes.  Davis said, "I hope they just learn to accept people socially."

At a cast party after the debut, students ate cake and analyzed the importance of their message. Ashley Geiser said the social acceptance topic works at D'Iberville because of "how much it means to someone to just say hello, or even sit by them or talk to them, smile at them. It means a lot."

Chris Fore directed the spot.  He also helped develop the topic and write the script.  He said, "High school is supposed to be the best years of your life. And a lot of people don't feel that way because of being outcast."

The D'Iberville students think their tape will inspire kids to make school fun for everybody.

This week, Moss Point High School will participate in WLOX TV's "Your Future Your Choice" program.