State Reaches Out to Small Businesses

The Mississippi Economic Council says small businesses employ 90 percent of the workforce in Mississippi. Lieutenant Governor Amy Tuck is traveling the state hosting small business seminars to make sure Mississippi maintains those jobs. On Monday, Tuck asked small business owners on the Coast to talk about the obstacles they face. She hoped to turn what she learned into small business friendly legislation.

"Tell us what experiences you've had in small businesses. What is working? What is not working?" said Tuck. "Second of all, what it allows us to do is bring the individuals, the experts, to the people and say here are the incentives that are available."

Tuck also brought along a panel of business experts to answer questions. Some business owners say seminars like this one open a world of opportunities they didn't know existed.

Small business owner Connie Moran said "I was surprised at the host of different agencies and organizations. The fact that they are online and you can download a lot of this information and applications. It's just a tremendous resource."

"As a small business person you're on a limited budget," said Cynthia Childers, small business owner. "You might not know some of the things that are out there nor do you have that where with all to find out, but situations like this gives us that opportunity."

After Tuck finishes touring the state, she will host an entrepreneur ship summit in Jackson. The summit scheduled for late August.

by Danielle Thomas