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DA and Secretary of State concerned about Canton voting irregularities

CANTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Allegations of voter fraud in the recent Canton elections, has led county prosecutors to launch an investigation. Tuesday a Judge ruled there were so many problems at one precinct, voters will have to go back to the polls to decide a winner in the Ward 1 Alderman's race.      

Canton's Berry Street is an area of concern for election officials. The street is vacant. Not one house exists on the street but several voters claim residence there, and are very vocal at the polls.

According to state records, six of the eight voters who claim Berry street as their home voted in the Federal elections, which Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann says is a real concern.  

"Those people should have been purged long ago," said Hosemann.  

Hoseman says overcrowded voter rolls is a problem in 15 Mississippi counties.

"For example, in Madison they have 80 to 82 thousand people registered to vote and 72 thousand who should be eligible to vote. it's 110 percent," said Hosemann. "When you have excess voter roll participation like that, you can have somebody cast a ballot for somebody that's died, moved out of state or for any reason they are no longer eligible to cast a ballot in that precinct or that county or that city."  

Madison-Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest is investigating a laundry list of election concerns from the recent municipal races. His office has made numerous convictions on voter fraud charges in the past.   

"It causes great concern if these people are registered at those addresses then go to the polls and cast their votes," said Guest. "One of the complaints we received is people who are living outside of the city are voting and they have been gone for some period of time."  

"That's an indication of the mischief that can go on when you don't have the right voter rolls," added Hosemann. 

It's the county election commissioners' job to purge voters off the rolls. They declined to talk to us while they were involved a hearing, observing claims of fraud in the Ward 1 Alderman's race.

They can only remove names if voters don't vote in two federal elections, but the ghost voters on Berry Street keep casting ballots.  

"We are going to continue to work to try to get to the bottom of that and we're going to do all we can if we find cases where individuals have broken the law," said Guest.

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