Your help is needed solving crimes

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Police departments rely on residents to be the eyes and ears in the community.

Gulfport Police Detective Lt. Adam Cooper said, "They have always been vital. We can't do our job without them; we are just finding new ways to utilize their help."

Recently, Gulfport Police added a new page to its website, called 'Do you know me?'

"We get a lot more information, but it doesn't help if you don't know who the people are. And a lot of people are going to know who these people are once the word gets out the website actually exists," Cooper said.

Police departments in other parts of the country find this tool very useful. Los Angeles PD Sgt. Frank Preciado said the 'Solve a crime page' helps considerably. Even if it is just half of a license plate number or a small detail, he said it has helped solve many crimes.

The Gulfport Police Department hopes to have similar results by posting pictures on the website.

"We have always sent them out to other agencies. But with such a large transient population in the city, we are not going to know everybody, but hopefully someone will," Cooper said.

Right now, there are pictures on the page of a stolen boat and two cars that may be involved. Below that is a picture of two men police say they want to question in connection with credit card fraud.

"We really need the public to talk to us," Cooper said, "these crimes we can't do by ourselves."

Cooper said burglaries and thefts are the most common crimes in Gulfport and are often tough to crack.

"Unless one sees them done, unless they are caught in the act, serial numbers always helpful if they have serial numbers on their items," Cooper said.

Visit the Gulfport Police Department's 'Do you know me?' page at

If you submit a tip you can remain anonymous.

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