Jackson County Sheriff investigators' credibility questioned

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A grand jury exonerated former Ocean Springs Alderman James Hagan several weeks ago of various charges. But now there's a new twist in the case: the investigators are under fire.

Tuesday, a judge called into question the investigation that lead to Hagan's arrest. That same judge is also concerned about several other cases, as well.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Krebs has ordered the District Attorney to turn over information about the investigation and the investigators.

James Hagan's attorney, Adam Miller, told WLOX News, "In the case we are involved with, we can demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt Linda Jones and Hope Thornton lied under oath, provided false information and falsified affidavits."

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd stands behind his investigators.

"We are ready to defend any type of credibility issues," he said. "When we go to court, you can question these investigators all you want. We've always acted in good faith and arrested on probable cause when victims come to us and file complaints and charges."

District Attorney Tony Lawrence said his office will provide the requested information in all cases.

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