Indian food and music festival promotes plant based diets

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Over the weekend an Exotic Indian food and music festival held at St. Peter's Episcopal Church was all about promoting "plant-based diets".

Good Karma Café and Foods for Life organized the event. They say events like these help people realize just how tasty vegetarian and vegan food can be.

Chefs prepared substitute chicken made of tofu, vegan cake and many other Indian recipes. Organizers say many of the non-vegetarian attendees were surprised by how flavorful the dishes were and how full they were after finishing their meals. They hope this event will help end some misconceptions of vegetarian food.

"I would say that's one of them. That it's people who are really super skinny. And their diet is boring and they have to sacrifice and give up a lot. It's just not true. I eat the most fabulous food. And the south is a culinary cuisine you know? Like we're really into our food here. And it's so good there's many ways to be creative with it and you still have energy. You can still exercise. You can still have a vibrant life honestly," owner of Swan River Yoga Mandir Michele Baker said.

The festival also served as a fundraiser for Good Karma restaurant.

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