The need for motorcycle safety brought to light in Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Motorcycles don't have protection for drivers like SUVs or cars which can make wrecks even more dangerous.

Sunday, M.A.C. (Motorcycle Awareness Campaign) put on a car and bike show in Orange Grove to raise awareness about the serious issue.

"There's just so many accidents around the Coast right now with the motorcycles, we just want to promote awareness for folks," said M.A.C. Executive Director Windy Starr Tiller.

She said the inaugural car and bike show highlights the vulnerability motorcyclists have on the road.

"Watch out for motorcycle riders, there's too many accidents anymore," said Tiller.

"We're out there. We're riding. Keep an eye out for us. We're on the road, too. Share the road," said Gulfport resident Matthew Ernst.

The day hit home for Ernst, who recognized the need to raise awareness for motorcycle safety because of his personal past experience.

"Guy was racing and came straight through our parking lot," said Ernst. "Lost control and hit my bike."

Craig Bice hasn't been involved in an accident, but he still knows people aren't always cognizant of motorcyclists.

"Even though I got a yellow bike, I've still been pulled out in front of," said Bice. "People don't look out for us."

"Our loved ones are out there," said Jill Zednick. "Motorcycles are a lot of fun. So are vehicles. We just need to have respect and share the road."

It was a fun-filled event that shined a light on the message of the day--share the road.

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