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50 years later two couples still celebrating marriage together

Chandler and Marie Reynolds Chandler and Marie Reynolds
Wayne and Faye Giveans Wayne and Faye Giveans

When a gallon of gas was 24 cents and the average price of a new home was about $12,000. Two young couples tied the knot in Pearlington, Mississippi.

A couple weeks after their 50th wedding anniversary they celebrated in style. They say while the price of gas has changed, their love has stayed the same. 

"We're just best friends. Getting through each day, fighting and making up," said Faye Giveans. 

Both couples say marriage is work, but it's worth it. Together the Reynolds have three children, and six grandchildren. The Giveans have two children, three grandchildren, and one great grandchild. When they got engaged their parents brought up the idea to have a joint wedding. 

"We were friends and family and so his mother and my mother were sisters. When we decided to get married they said well we're just going to join in and have it together. One big party," said Marie Reynolds. 

Their children began talking about having this celebration two years ago and about eight months ago the real planning began. They chose to make Pearlington their home, weathering hurricanes Camille and Katrina. They've spent 50 years there and can't wait to spend 50 more. In a society where divorce is so common, they give some advice. 

"It takes commitment. When you're married, you're not alone. You don't borrow somebody. You marry them for life," said Chandler Reynolds.

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