Suspects arrested in Stone County Shooting

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Around noon Friday, Carrington Breland was turned in to the Stone County Sheriff's Department by his parents.

Breland is the second of two suspects arrested in connection with a shootout off Thelma Andrews Road last weekend that landed one man in the hospital.

According to police, that shoot out was the boiling point of a dispute between two groups that has been brewing for months.

Lt. Ray Boggs says back in May a group of men in the 20s and a group of men in their 30s got into fist fight over moving a car.

"It has led to altercation after altercation. All that came to a head here early Sunday morning," said Boggs.

Police are considering the two groups as rival gangs, but authorities say besides this dispute gang activity isn't normally a problem in Stone County.

"Outside of these two groups we haven't had any problems with this type of violence from any groups," said Boggs.

Authorities were aware of the altercations between the two groups before, but officers are taking the situation much more seriously since Sunday's incident.

"When guns are pulled, when guns are drawn it becomes a safety issue. You don't know which direction to run," said Boggs.

The sheriff's department plans to aggressively pursue all the leads they have on this particular case. They are hoping the serious consequences for both the victim and the alleged shooters will cause everyone involved in the dispute to cool down.

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