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Carjackings rise In Jackson

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The latest crime numbers in Jackson show overall, major crimes are down 12.3%, and violent crimes are down 2.9%. 

Strangely, one violent crime is on the rise.   J.P.D. stats show last year there were 86 carjackings from the first of the year to July 7th. This year there have been 114 during that same time period.

"Were always concerned about crime numbers but carjackings in particular, because that represents a crime that was committed most times by force with a firearm," said Assistant Chief Lee Vance. "So we're definitely concerned about property and safety of individuals who are victimized."

Jackson Police say they're working on preventing carjackings by making their officers more visible, and making cases against the culprits.

"We've made some significant arrests in the last few weeks concerning these particular crimes," added Vance. "So hopefully with those arrests, we're able to keep those people locked up."

Police say by watching those around you, you can greatly reduce the chance of you becoming the victim of a carjacker.

"We are encouraging people to keep your guard up, be aware of your surroundings, think before you act, don't let natural reaction put you in a worse position and whatever information you can get about suspicious subjects, bring that information to us. We are encouraging people to keep their guard up," said Vance.

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