Shorter School Week Proposal Draws Mixed Reviews

While most adults love the idea of having a three-day weekend, giving Mississippi schoolchildren the same isn't a very popular idea.

"I don't agree with that, I'm totally against it," coast parent Mitzi Charles says.  "Being parent, in the school system, it would affect me personally.  I'm going to have pay another baby sitter, so something like that, yes it would affect me."

"By adding an additional day, who's going to take care of the children?" another coast resident Hank RogersCharles asks.  "We have enough problems with latch key children.  How are they going to be able to take care of those children?  All that's gonna do is increase their time in day care and that type of the thing."

But extending the school day will give teachers more time with their students.  That's something some teachers say they really need.

"The classes are rushed," St. Martin Middle School teacher Guy Havard says.  "We don't get a lot of time for the students to complete their work."

Some opponants of the proposal says they don't want school to get out at the same time the normal work day ends.  They say the buses on the road would just add more traffic at rush hour.

"Not only would there be children coming home from school, but Moms and Dads as well," coast parent Laura Bunte says.  "There's already enough traffic problems as is."

Some parents say that despite those drawbacks, getting kids in the classroom more should be the ultimate goal.

"In this day and time, any chance kids have to increase their time in school and learn, we have to keep up in the world," Hank Rogers says.  "We ought to move to a longer education day."