Gun ruling expected today

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A decision is expected today on the open carry/concealed weapon debate.  We're supposed to learn in a few hours if a Hinds County judge believes House Bill 2 is unconstitutionally vague.

Authors of the bill say they wrote it to clarify the definition of a concealed weapon.  They wanted to make sure Mississippi adults could carry a gun in a holster without needing a concealed weapons permit.

Stephen Stamboulieh is a consultant who worked with lawmakers on the adoption of the bill.  "Anti-gun politicians. That is the only answer. This is a side show. There is nothing vague about the definition of concealed," he said after the judge issued a temporary injunction blocking the bill's implementation.

Twelve days after that injunction was put in place, Judge Winston Kidd may rule whether the delay should be permanent.

State Senator John Hohrn voted for the bill.  Now, he hopes lawmakers get it back, and can clear up any confusion.  "We would hope that the courts would delay any sort of a ruling on this matter until such time that we can go back in the legislature in the next session," the senator said two weeks ago.

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